Licensed Massage Therapist




With my long time interest in alternative healthcare, I learned how the profound healing benefits of massage worked for me, and I wanted to bring that healing to others.  After training at the Finger Lakes School of Massage, I became a licensed Massage Therapist in March 2010.


I continually strive to expand my knowledge and skills, and in 2013, I earned a Diploma in Natural Facelift Massage from The London Centre of Champissage International.  


To schedule an appointment please call 607.277.0300

Grounded in the practical application of this gentle, non-invasive technique, I have made Facial Rejuvenation a principle part of my practice.

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What my clients say:


"I have never had a massage like this! It was very-very relaxing. My face glowed and looked toned afterwards. I am so happy that I found this natural treatment!" Mary N.



"Juliet Turback's unique 'Facelift' massage is one of the most relaxing massages I have ever had. I couldn't believe that it could be as wonderful as a full body massage. It's fantastic! Not only does it revitalize my skin,  but it also makes me feel refreshed, energized and fantastic. Her massage studio/home is set off the beaten path, but is very convenient and allows for a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.  I feel so lucky to have found her." Nancy M