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How did you become interested in holistic beauty care?

It started early on. My mom always used natural beauty products and I learned to do that too. We ate organic, local, in season foods, which supported beauty from the inside. When I moved to the US I was astonished by the amount of chemicals that are put into food and cosmetic products.


How does Natural Facelift Massage work?

This holistic treatment is a combination of massage, accupressure, lymphatic drainage and energy balancing. Unlike cosmetic products that only affect the skin, this treatment works on the skin, plus muscles, connective tissue, lymphatic system and subtle energies. .A client will not only look better, but feel better after the session. The treatment is very relaxing. It has absolutely no side effects, only benefits.


At what age should a person start receiving Natural Facelift Massage?

Ideally, Facelift  Massage would be used as a preventative treatment as early as the twenties. And sunscreen is a must!  In my twenties my skin looked flawless and I thought I didn't need to take care of it. I didn't use cosmetics or sunscreen, and I didn't know about massage. As a result I developed brown spots and minor wrinkles. By your thirties and well into later years, you should include Facelift Massage in your skincare regimen for sure. As part of aging, the skin's natural process of exfoliation slows down and collagen and elastin fibers begin sticking together, leading to the formation of wrinkles, contributing to dullness and sagging. Massage counters these effects.


Will one session produce results?

Yes, it will. I first witnessed it during my training. The teacher worked on the right side of the client's face for 30 minutes and afterward, we could see that, first of all, this part of the face was glowing! It looked fresher, brighter and much younger. Wrinkles were less noticeable and the jaw line was visibly tighter and higher then on the other side. In a scientific before and after study, the Visia Complexion Analysis Method showed that following one Facelift Massage session, a client’s wrinkles decreased by 41%, the size of pores decreased by 24%, skin evenness improved by 23% and even UV damage diminished.


Do you offer full body massage as well?

Yes, of course! The face is attached to the body, right? In this day and age, massage is not a luxury, but a great health and beauty tool. Movie stars didn't just fall from some far away "beauty planet" where everything is perfect, they just take very good care of themselves, and massage is part of their routine. Massage promotes cell turnover and also helps the body to eliminate toxins that make the skin look dull and unhealthy. Massage is scientifically proven to reduce stress (and stress is the primary cause of dis-ease and aging) by decreasing stress hormones and increasing the production of hormones which make us feel happy.


What is the recommended program for long term results?

The objective is to "re-educate" the skin, muscles, connective tissue, and clear subtle energies. Although, just one session will produce great results, I recommend a series

of 5 sessions - one session per week or every other week. I offer a deep discount for the package. Afterwards, you may consider a maintenance program of one session per month. I also recommend full body massage at least once per month on a regular basis. During the consultation we will talk about your skin care regimen, foods for healthy skin, and other things that will help you look beautiful naturally.

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