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It's possible to take years off your looks without cosmetic surgery or Botox injections.


Natural Facelift Massage is unique, simple, effective and relaxing therapy.  It works together with your body's natural anti-aging system.  It includes natural exfoliation of dead cells, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, toning of facial muscles and support for connective tissue.  Many think the outer layer of skin is solely responsible for healthy and beautiful appearance and use only cosmetic products.  In truth, the outer layer is like a "blanket" that covers connective tissue and muscles.  It is necessary to support all three components and Natural Facelift Massage does just that.


During massage, the swiping movements act as gentle exfoliation treatment. Acupressure clears and stimulates energy flow.  Specific techniques of lifting help to tone muscles and rejuvenate connective tissue.  Restrictions are eased away, fresh supply of blood, oxygen, nutrients and energy are brought to the cells.  As a result, wrinkles lessen and tighter facial contours and improved complexion is achieved. Formation of new wrinkles is prevented. The nervous system responds with a feeling of rest, relaxation and peace.  After the massage you will feel deeply relaxed and uplifted.


To learn how Natural Facelift Massage works in detail please click HERE


NOTE: Please do not wear make up for the session.  If you have received Botox treatments you may receive Natural Facelift Massage 3-6 months after the last injection.  Men should be close-shaved.


1 hour Natural Facelift Massage - $75

Anti-Aging Program of 5 treatments - $350




To schedule an appointment please call 607.277.0300

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